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"Embrace your rich gay history, super gay power and deep gift to the world!”

WIG's promise as a Gay Empowerment/Theatrical organization is to dramatically lower the statistics of gay suicide in our culture by infusing a rich sense of pride, power and history into the lives of gay teens, adults and our non-gay allies. WIG's Big Gay Show strives to celebrate gay life, our fabulous culture and our powerful history in a fun, festive, lighthearted, theatrical way.

WIG's Goal is threefold:

1. Inspire our next generation to love who they are;

2. Be a healthy social network.

3. Be a powerful entertainment experience for gay people to expess their creative vision.

1. WIG inspires all generations to fall in love with being gay, talk openly about it and be part of a BIG GAY show reminding and reeducating each other about our incredible history and bountiful future. WIG actively supports many organizations in our community including: Fusion of Fort. Lauderdale, Born This Way Foundation and more.

2. We're a social community fostering friendships and relationships outside the bars, beaches and bookstore/coffee shops. We do potlucks, fundraiser dinners and more. WIG creates positive and healthy social experiences.

3. WIG's Monthly Events aka The BIG GAY Show invites all forms of art and theater to express themselves. We have the stage, you bring your talent.

Our Promise & Goal

Our Host

"Set goals, chase dreams and stay focused!”

Listen! Gays are collectively a society of ministers, politicians, healers, warriors and theater folk with a gift for making things fabulous. This has been proven through thousands of years of our history. Plus, we're extremely important to the survival of our species. Just saying!

Born in Boston, raised in Miami, Rev. Jamie is now minister of The WIG Project (Wild Inspirational Gatherings), a gay empowerment performance experience.

In 1985, Reverend Jamie graduated from Hunter College, NYC, with a BA in Communications/Poli Sci. In 1988, he graduated from New Mexico Academy of Advanced Healing Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From 1992-1994, he lived in Tennessee on a Radical Faerie Commune, learning gay empowerment and gay awareness. The Radical Faeries are an all-inclusive sub-group of gay life celebrating ancient gay traditions infused with inner city gay culture.

In 1996, Rev. Jamie received a Masters in Divinity from Starr King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, CA, a Unitarian Universalist seminary.

From 1996-1998 he hosted a radio show called, "Spiritually Speaking" on WOMR in Provincetown, MA. From 1996 -2003, He also changed wigs and took on the persona of Trinity, "The Next Lady of Jazz." He/she was a celebrated live singing female impersonator/performance artist/entertainer touring the US and Europe with jazz/swing bands. Trinity produced three CDs, was featured in many books, news articles and television appearances. In 2008 Rev. Jamie returned to South Florida.

"The idea of The WIG Project started in 1996, but it wasn't until 2011, after being sick of all the gay teen suicides, I decided WIG had to be born. When kids are jumping off bridges, not for being black or jewish or italian, but just for being gay, it's time to bring back the 200,000-year-plus old tradition of gay empowerment and WIG does just that."


Reverend Jamie is also available for weddings, funerals and Life Coaching.

Our Monthly Events

Pres./ Head Rev.: Jamie Grace

Vice Pres.: Debra Baumel

Treasurer: Ron Borans

Secretary: TBA

Producer: Jeffrey May

Chairman: Marcelo Perlicz

Music Minister: Jamie Grace

Spiritual Director: Mark Foley

Visual Media: Will Portalatin

Media Director: Martha Sternberg

Board of Directors

“Be yourself, be fearless and come out proud!”

To describe WIG's MONTHLY EVENTS think, coffee house- cabaret, "church and cocktails" and/or family and friends celebrating our culture. The Monthly Events leave everyone feeling intellectually, theatrically and emotionally powerful!

WIG Ministries, a non profit, 501(c)(3), gay awereness foundation. Society's lack of gay consciousness and gay reverence is becoming clear with teen suicides, anti-gay acceptance and political bullying. Now, more than ever it is time to put on a "BIG GAY Show to remind and reeducate each other about how fabulous and powerful we are.


Note: At WIG, the word "gay" is also used to mean: -the fabulousness within us all!

WIG Thursdays at: BOOM: PO Box. 23176 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33307 754-444-1WIG (1944)

Rev. Jamie Grace

Our Mission & Purpose
The Choirs
The Gay Univ.


The Big Gay Show (Monthly)

Wild Inspirational Gatherings


The WIG Project.org

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Tuesday Rehearsals 7:00-10:00

Wednesday pre-show rehearsal 5:30-7:00

Wednesday Show 7:30 - 9:00 Location: TBA

Artistic Director: Don Stansfeld

The LIVE choir has many members from the Dance choir and sings a repertoire of

many upbeat, inspiring gay gospel, modern, pro- freedom/liberation songs, i.e.;

Light it up tonight, Katy Perry, Lean On Me.

Take me for what I am, Rent, Rumor Has It, Glee

Rolling in the deep, Adele,

Happy Days/Forget your trouble, Judy, Barbara

I hear the music in the air, Vickie Wiinans and much more.

Live Singing (Gospel Style/Gay Empowerment) Choir

Giselle Spice

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Maryel Epps

Gia Gizelle Stone

The WIG GaYngsta Choir

Gia Gizelle Stone

Rev. Trinity

Miami Beach Pride: April 15th, 2012

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Asheeria Pryce

WIG Gayngsta Chorus

(PayPall will be up soon!)

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